MC Escher Lithographs


Waterfall, 1961


15 x 11 3/4

B. 439

Escher’s words:

       “This impossible triangle is fitted three times into the picture. Falling water keeps a millwheel in motion and subsequently flows along a sloping channel between two towers, zigzag- ging down to the point where the waterfall begins again.

The miller simply needs to add a bucketful of water from time to time, in order to compensate for loss through evaporation . . . The towers are equally high, and yet the left is one story higher than the other. The polyhedrons on their top have no special significance. I have put them there simply because I like them so much: to the left three intersecting cubes, to the right three octahedrons.”

This work is in museum quality condition and is pencil signed and numbered by Escher.

This lithograph is available for purchase.

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