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Here are the steps involved in selling your Escher print:

1. Contact me.  Salvatore at or call (707) 509-3623

  1. 2.Be prepared to send me photographs of the piece.

    About 90% of inquiries are actually about reprints.  Sometimes owners can’t tell the difference between the reproductions and the originals.  This happens frequently when people inherit something they always assumed was real.

  1. 3.I will evaluate your piece. 

    Condition is the number one deciding factor for price.  I’ve seen a print sell for 50% the price of another similar print within the same year.  The difference was the condition.

     Unfortunately many prints were not properly framed or protected from the light. Some are yellowed. Some faded.  Some were hung as posters.  Others have tears or creases.  Sometimes the signature is smudged. 

    No matter what condition the print is in, don’t hesitate to have me examine it.

  1. 4.I will price your piece.

The value of a print is often determined by auction history.  These figures are not always accessible to the public for free.  Also, some prints are in larger editions than others, which means some prints have more recent, and more reproducible, results than others. 

Sales history and condition determine the price. 

  1. 5.I will buy your piece or take it on consignment. 

I am an avid collector trying to create a world class collection.  As such, I am willing to buy prints that I don’t already own for a price higher than you can get at auction or through other dealers as we would be working together to cut out the middle man. 

I sometimes take prints on consignment as well - often we can get a better price than auction houses (their take often surpasses 30% of the final price).  Email me at with any inquiry.



(707) 509-3623


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