What is the price, or cost, of an original MC Escher print?

This is a tough question to answer.  The range is from a few hundred dollars to well over a hundred thousand dollars.  The least expensive prints tend to be smaller, lesser known pieces.  That being said, you can find prints that are “classic” Escher works for a couple thousand dollars.

The value of a print is often determined by auction history.  These figures are not always accessible to the public for free.  Also, some prints are in larger editions than others, which means some prints have more recent, and more reproducible, results than others. 

Lastly, and definitely not least, is the condition of a print.  A heavily damaged print garners little interest from anyone, even when it is rare in number.  A pristine print, even when common, raises eyebrows.  See a current bad print in circulation HERE.

Do you buy or sell original Escher prints?

Yes to both.  And I am only interested in original prints...not posters.  I am an avid collector trying to create a collection that can be put on display at museums (I currently have works on display in Rome and have contributed to other shows, catalogues, and a book).  As such, I am willing to buy prints that I don’t already own for a price higher than you can get at auction or through other dealers as we would be working together to cut out the middle men. 

I am interested in guiding people in the right direction - buying or selling an Escher print is not a light decision.  I will gladly give you information about your artwork.  My goal is to give sellers and buyers the fairest deal possible.  I prefer to purchase prints for myself, but do sell duplicates.  Sadly, I sometimes take prints that I cannot afford to buy for myself on consignment - often we can get a better price than auction houses.  How?  Because the price you see in auction records is usually 33% higher than what the seller received.  Click HERE to see what is for sale or email me at info@eschersite.com with any inquiry.

Is buying an Escher print a good investment?

Upper echelon artists appear to accrue value over time.  But the art world has suffered price adjustments just like any other market. My personal belief is that any artist that enters the collective consciousness of the world will be a stable investment.  In other words, the names we all know because they are referenced daily (Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Escher) will maintain and likely steadily increase value. 

However, I also believe the only reason you should buy a piece of art is because you love it.  Owning art for the sake of investment is a monetary risk in more ways than one.  The market demand is one issue.  The other is how you protect it.  A piece that fades,  suffers water damage, or molding while in your care is likely to lose value much faster than gaining it.   HERE are examples of bad investment Escher works.

How do I contact you?

Please email Salvatore at info@eschersite.com or call (707) 509-3623 for any initial inquiry.  The EscherSite is located in Marin, just north of San Francisco.

Where does the information from this site originate?

Much of the information on this site can be found in the book “MC Escher: His Life and Complete Graphic Work.”  But I have also read other books, talked with Escher’s friends, collectors, curators, and spent countless hours studying the images and original pieces. 

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