Belvedere, Ascending and Descending, and Three Worlds


Kees Andréa, a Dutch painter (of cows among other subjects) who is now in his 90’s, was the son of Escher’s last printer.  Upon his father’s death, he discovered in a drawer in his father’s studio a total of 96 printer’s proofs of 12 images.  With a few exceptions, these are exceptionally rich prints with large or oversize margins. 


Andréa gave one of each print except PORTRAIT OF G.A. ESCHER to the M.C. Escher Estate.  The remaining 85 prints were purchased en bloc in the late 1970’s and were acquired by collectors; the last such sale was approximately five years ago.  


Recently one of these collectors passed away and his prints came back on the market.  Most of these examples bear on the verso a rubber-stamped annotation “proefdruk niet gesigneerd”, which translates as ‘unsigned proof print.’ This was done both in order to establish the provenance of these original lithographs and, to obviate the possibility of forged signatures being placed on them.

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Mosaic II

Ascending and Descending

Three Worlds