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Order and Chaos

Bool 366, 1950

11 x 11 in.

    Order and Chaos.  No other title could better sum up the composition of this lithograph.  Escher created this print in 1950, around the same time that crystallographers were taking an interest in his artwork. 

    Despite the world around us appearing chaotic, at a microscopic level it is highly ordered.  The molecules that create a crumpled piece of paper are tessellated in the most orderly of arrays. 

    Escher made a number of prints that included polyhedrons during the 1950‘s.  The stellated dodecahedron that adorns the center was one of his favorites and appears as the centerpiece in two other lithographs.

    This lithograph is signed.

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Bool 331

Lithograph  13 1/2 by 18 1/4 in.

    Encounter shows the meeting of the pessimist and optimist.  The two figures emerge from their tessellated two-dimensional surface to shake hands; the pessimist appears to be giving a warning, whereas the optimist is happy as can be. 

    Encounter was one of Escher’s early tessellation lithographs.  An art dealer was hesitant to display the artwork because the white figure looked liked the former Prime Minister Hendrikus Colijn.

    This piece is signed and numbered and ready to adorn your wall.


Bool 426

Lithograph 18 1/4 x 11 5/8 in.

Belvedere is one of Escher’s most popular lithographs.  The casual observer sees a busy building sitting on the edge of the Italian countryside.  But the Escher aficionado sees an impossible building based on the Necker cube (the little illusionary cube the man in the bottom left is holding). 

The people populating the scene are direct inspirations from the Heironymous Bosch painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights.”  And the prison bars on the windows are near impossible to build...of course.

A signed and numbered Belvedere is available, please inquire.

Three Worlds

Bool 405

Lithograph 14 1/4 x 9 1/4 in.

Escher came across this scene while out on a walk one fall day.  The trees, the surface of the water, and the underwater create three distinct worlds but interlocked worlds.  The leaves span the surface of the water like a loose tessellation, perhaps to infinity.

This Three Worlds is pencil signed and in excellent condition.  Please inquire for more information. An unsigned proof is also available.

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Mosaic 2

Bool 422,

12 3/8 x 14 5/8

  Mosaic 2 is Escher’s second non-repeating tessellation.  This strange menagerie exemplifies the childlike creativity that Escher cultivated throughout his entire life.   

    This lithograph is signed and numbered.  An unsigned proof is available as well.

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