Is my print an original?

    There are some clues that your print is original.  First, it will be the  proper dimensions.  Many reproductions are larger than the real image.  There are high-quality reproductions that include reproduced signatures.  These "fakes" often show up on eBay as "originals."  


    The size of prints is available in books.  As this site evolves the prints will also have the proper size accompanying them.   


    The lithographs were printed in editions.  They will almost always be signed and numbered.  Woodcuts were usually "made to order," and therefore, not numbered.  He almost always signed the major woodcuts.  It is common for major woodcuts to have annotations such as eigendruk. (Which loosely translates as own pressure,  in other words, printed by his own hand.)


    Many older prints are not in good condition.  Escher often sold prints for just a few dollars.  They were purchased by people who treated them as posters.  It is not uncommon to find tape marks or pin holes on their corners.


    Please read on about Fakes and Mistakes...



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