These are examples of Earl Washington woodcuts.  Earl Washington concocted a story about his grandfather being a friend of Escher.  Grandpa supposedly had a large stash of Escher originals.

    Truth be told, Earl was/is a great artist.  He created his own Escher prints, some of them so convincing that the differences can be seen only when side to side with an original - the devil is in the details... It is a shame that such a talented draftsman couldn’t come up with his own art. 

    Earl copied other artists, too.  He achieved such notoriety that some art dealers actually sell his copies, fully disclosing that they are such.

    Or, in this case, the owner remained skeptical of my analysis.  Ultimately when compared to the real image he conceded that it was indeed fake.  However, he did not withdraw it from the market. 

    Please don’t buy these prints without seeking expert opinion first.  A group of these prints were sold decades ago in the Sacramento area, but I’ve seen them offered throughout the United States.  In recent years they have become uncommon.  Below is a photo of a Washington work next to an original Escher work. Other works include Letter A, Letter H, Man with Cuboid, Spherical Self Portrait, Watering Can, Retreat, Candle Flame, Frog, Fish and Frogs, Dice, Scale,s, Anvil, Thirteen Flying Fish, and Devil Vignette.



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