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How did M.C. Escher make his prints?

    Escher primarily created woodcuts and lithographs.  HERE is a brief description of how both are made.


What is an original Escher print? And, how do I know if my print is original?

    "Print" is a vague word and its meaning in the art world varies.  Please read on to learn why Escher, who specialized in woodcuts and lithographs, would be appalled by poster vendors' liberal use of the word "print."  Learn the salient features every original print will have.


Fakes and Mistakes

    A must read for anyone considering purchasing an original print.  If you are unsure whether you own an original Escher print please email me at  See my AUTHENTICATION QUESTIONS?


What Inspired Escher?

    Geometry, illusion, mathematics, Italy, impossibility, dimensionality, and most importantly, his own imagination.  The  M.C. Escher Blog  has Escher photographs and more thoughts.


Where can I buy or sell original Escher art?

    Right HERE.  Please contact me at or call the Escher Site Gallery at (707) 509-3623 if you any questions about buying or selling original Escher artwork.  I am always looking to improve my collection.  Click HERE to read about the price of an original Escher print.

Where can I see Escher artwork on the web?

Right Here: The Escher Art Image Gallery...the largest collection anywhere.

   The Escher Site is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Meetings by appointment only.

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