MC Escher Woodcuts and Wood Engravings

       Escher’s body of work consists of 448 woodcuts, wood engravings, lithographs, mezzotints, and linocuts.  Woodcuts are images carved into sidegrain wood, whereas wood engravings are cut into endgrain wood.  The endgrain allows for greater detail.  The carved wood is then inked and paper is pressed onto the inked surface thereby transferring the image to the paper.

      The following pages contain Escher’s woodcuts and wood engravings in chronological order.  Works available can be clicked on to open another page with more detail.

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Woodcuts  1921 - 1931

    Escher was back and forth from the Netherlands to Italy from 1921 to 1935.  He lived in Italy for most of the years from 1924 to 1935.  His first tessellation woodcut, 8 Heads (yellow outline), appears about 15 years before the next one.  St. Francis (green outline), his first commericial print, was created in 1921.


Flor De Pascua 

  Escher created these woodcuts as illustrations for a booklet entitled Flor De Pascua (Flowers of Easter).  Although only 23 at the time, Escher utilized some of the same elements in these small woodcuts the next five decades.  Please click on any image for more info and for examples of which prints correspond with future prints.  More info HERE.

Early Works    1916 - 1921

  These woodcuts are from the years 1916 to 1921. The first five are actually linocuts (linoleum

plates).  Escher did not create his first woodcut until 1919.  Wood was expensive, so he started with

very small pieces.  These are only a few of his first 67 works.  Please contact me if you have one to

sell as my collection lacks many of them.