Woodcuts and Woodengravings


Inside St. Peter’s, 1935

wood engraving

9 3/8 x 12 1/2

B. 270

“This wood engraving of 1935, an interior of Saint Peter’s Church in Rome. I made the drawing for this print sitting in the upper gallery of the dome, looking down with a giddy feeling into the abyss before me.This was perhaps the first time I realized that all the vertical lines were directed toward the same point in the nadir. So this print may be the primary cause of the series of perspective fantasies l developed many years later.”    - MC Escher

This amazing wood engraving is available for purchase.  It is arguably Escher’s

most techinical achievement.  The detail image on the right highlights the intricate

tile work as well as visitors complete with shadows. Truly spectacular!

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