Too good to be true....




Twice in 2011 a seller listed the print Castrovalva on eBay.  Both times the above pictures were included in the listing.  These exact same pictures are on the National Gallery of Art website. 

Furthermore, the sellers requested a 25% down payment.  Be aware that any down payments void eBay and Paypal fraud protection.  The seller listed that they accepted Paypal, but then requested bank transfer instead. 

Next, the same seller offered to sell a second rare Italian lithograph.  This time the signed and numbered piece was the exact same one that is owned by a museum! 

Be very wary of any seller that:

Won’t meet in person.

Asks for a down payment outside of eBay...hmmm

Won’t give you a mailing address.

Requests Western Union.

Next, an auction website loaded with fakes


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