The Waterfall Poster




Waterfall signed print or poster 94/103 III.

Real?  Not really.

This print is an oversized poster with the pencil signature printed under the image. 

It looks great but is not a real signature. It is a printed copy of the signature. 

The poster image measures 16 by 20 inches whereas the real print is 15 by 11 3/4 inches.


Waterfall is a lithograph, which means the image was printed from a stone.  There is only one size for the original. For more information on how Escher made his prints, click HERE.


Some people trim the margins and try to sell it as an original print, others try to sell it as an autographed poster.  It is not an Escher autograph. Escher died in early 1972 and did not sign these posters on his death bed.  This print shows up on eBay about every 18 months.  Please do not buy it unless you want an old poster.

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