Escher created these woodcuts as illustrations for his friend Aad van Stolk’s booklet entitled Flor de Pascua (Flowers of Easter). Although these were made in 1921, when Escher was only 23 years old, they foreshadow future work.

    Notice the first image, Scapegoat. It demonstrates the duality of black and white images and symmetry much as do his tessellation pieces. Fulfillment is a precursor for Fish and Waves (page 52). Sphere, on the second page, is Escher’s first spherical reflection self-portrait. Escher made three more spherical self-portrait prints. Lastly, consider Beautiful; this symmetric geometric print anticipates the circle limit pieces, notably Circle Limit IV.

    Flor De Pascua was printed in an edition of 222 copies.  Only a few of the prints below are available.  Please inquire.

Flor De Pascua Book

Some of the pictures below have been cropped or converted to black and white.  Any image that has a cream background is actually printed on cream paper.  The Emblemata series, Scholastica, and Flor de Pascua are on cream paper as pictured on the left.

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